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niki34 Tue 07-Jul-15 11:06:07

Hi i have just signed up to wordpress for my very own blog page, i have wanted to set one up for ages and now i have i am totally stuck on what to title it if any of you lovely ladies could help me out with some tips or advice i would much appreciate it. I am an artist mum of 3 currently pregnant with number 4, i love reviewing products & basically want a diary type feel to the page <3 thank in advance x

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MyLittleWorldUK Thu 09-Jul-15 13:11:41

Hi Niki,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging! I am fairly new to blogging myself with my own blog having launched just one month ago. Having said that, I have experience with Wordpress and websites in general spanning back fourteen years so I hope I can help you out if needed.

As for names, how about:-

The Art of being Mum
Picture Perfect Parenting

Just a few thoughts for you.

Wordpress acts like a diary in as much as when you add a new post it will add the date and time so as your posts grow the post entries will be shown in order. For a diary look and feel (as in design) then this free theme could be just what you are looking for -

Hope this helps.


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