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I've changed my blog name - should I change URL too?

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AnnieWinehouse Thu 02-Jul-15 16:51:56

I've had my food blog for about 3 years and have built up a small following, and get a few thousand hits a month. Not much I know, but it's mine and I like it. I've just decided to change the name, from a long-winded tongue twister, to something more catchy. I think.
So should I change my url too? I don't know if it's as simple as all that and I'm signed up to so many different websites using the URL I have established, is it worth changing?
It's a blogger/blogspot blog.

Thanks wise bloggers.

AnnieWinehouse Sat 04-Jul-15 23:38:52

Not to worry, all sorted smile

Am I allowed to post my newly-named blog...?

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