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Advertising on your blog

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diaryofamumof3 Fri 05-Jun-15 09:11:58

This is my first post here. I have been blogging for about a year, and have just been approached about advertising, the company would like to know my rates and terms of advertising and sponsored posts, I know every blog will be different, but can anyone offer any advice on how to work out how much to charge? I don't want to leave them waiting but I also don't want to sell myself short.

Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

zanuda Fri 05-Jun-15 20:00:21

It really depends on the niche ... i.e. what you're writing about and how competitive the market and how much the advertisers know about internet technologies (and how to check prospective publisher's site). It's quite easy to google prices for those who write about SEO and bogging. There is a price list for advertisers on kidsguide's site (the only one in parenting sphere I manage to find) and you could actually ask mums in the know site to send you advert pack (they charge like a dozen times more then the former site). So the idea is to find sites that give the price and compare your site to their sites. Then you could make something average. Or aim to the top range smile . BTW here it's easy to find prices for advertising as well.

Another thing. Your price will depend on either you write your own review/article (and how long it is) or publish company's press release. Banners - different price. And whether you publish on your site, and if you post link to their site or not.

alfieandanniesmum Sun 21-Jun-15 23:36:07

There is a website I found called Pitch and Post that is good for this kind of thing.

johnys Mon 22-Jun-15 23:20:30

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mummy1112 Thu 25-Jun-15 15:33:10

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zanuda Sat 11-Jul-15 12:47:11

johnys it's hard to use for promotion (an English blog) almost empty site in Polish that was recently made, has no traffic, zero PR and zero trust. Unless you're yourself trying to promote the site above...

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