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how to post your blog address

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Boobearsmum21 Sun 24-May-15 11:06:48

I am pretty sure I have done this wrong if anyone knows how you link/post your blog address in the appropriate place (keep seeing other peoples) could you please tell me, typing this with baby in one arm snoozing so posting before she wakes up (I dare not move her) typing with the wrong hand now my forte smile .....ok thanks

p.s Its probably very simple but i'm not very tekkie so no idea ......

Loopyloo1983 Mon 25-May-15 20:59:48

Hi there. New to this so apologies if in the wrong place! hoping there's some legal minds on here that can help me out. Can our landlord issue us a rent increase notice (section 13) if already given us notice to leave? Thanks

zanuda Tue 26-May-15 12:36:42

1. Loopyloo1983, you'll have better chance of people seeing your question if you start your own thread (sorry, I don't know the answer). and more likely you'll get answers somewhere like here: . Personally I would try forum on moneyseversexpert as well (sorry, I don't give the link - it's against the rules).

2. Boobearsmum21 - didn't get what you mean by " you link/post your blog address in the appropriate place...". Are you talking about Mumsnet network by any chance?

Boobearsmum21 Wed 27-May-15 13:40:47

Hi Zanuda,
thanks so much for taking the time to reply.... I probably worded it really bad, (and might actually explain it badly now) but like when you click on the different categories where you want your blog address to appear say for example 'parenting'...... I listed my url to my blog in 3 categories but I can't find it listed in any of them maybe it is in there on page 105 lol but when I went to bloggers network and then chose the category where I said I wanted my blog to appear I could not find it, so wasn't sure if I have to do something to make it appear aside from when I filled out the forms when signing up (in different categories I see peoples profiles and what their blog is about but not mine..... I have probably gone overboard with the explanation sorry hope it makes sense my rambling :0)

zanuda Fri 05-Jun-15 19:39:31

So you do talking about Mumsnet network. Sorry, I could not help you there. But I notice that a lot of people had some sort of problems with new blogs registering on the network. Like here: The only thing I could tell - try to contact MNHQ

Calugrove Sun 19-Jul-15 18:42:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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