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Got a 'blog of the day' but still not sure if I'm part of the network

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abigailoborne Tue 05-May-15 23:36:26


Can anyone help me?

About three weeks ago I regustered my blog to the mumsnet network. I did not hear back if I had been accepted apart from one day when my post was chosen for the blog of the day.

So I thought, 'oh well they must have accepted my blog then.' Maybe they just don't email you to say you're now part of the network. Except that, my blog is not one the list of blogs, have had no email it message to say that I've been accepted and my posts don't upload to the list.


Have emailed but not heard anything back yet.

abigailoborne Tue 05-May-15 23:40:18

Sorry lots of typos up there.

The link is

MmeLindor Fri 08-May-15 22:07:53

Report your post here, or contact them on Twitter. Or try emailing again. You could try carrier pigeon ;)

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