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10 weeks post op..

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genelou Fri 10-Apr-15 02:48:52

Hi everyone! I hope somebody can give an answer if it is already safe to go back to running and jumping. I had exploratory laparotomy (Abdominal surgery) 10 weeks ago and I wanna go back to playing badminton and volleyball... I just wanna make sure at 10 week post op is safe for jumping and running since these are necessary for my sports.. smile thanks!

f1fan2001 Fri 10-Apr-15 03:13:47

Have you been for a post op check and did you ask your doctor when you could return to exercising?

Looks like it may be too soon based on this :-

Although this one says it is fine:-

I would check with your doctor

genelou Fri 10-Apr-15 04:16:36

I am done with my 6 weeks follow up check up and my doctor said I have recovered fully, she did not mention any specific instruction on what not to do and what I should do.. I asked her if I could still have the chance to go back to competitive sports and she said yes but then she wasn't able to give
specific time as to when I can go back playing. anyway, thank you for sending me the link. I still have to read it. Stay well. smile

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