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BurntSupper Sun 08-Mar-15 10:14:00

I have just posted about an idea I had for a sensory toy for my baby's treasure basket:


Does anyone else have ideas for sensory toys they have posted about or would like to share smile

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McFox Sun 08-Mar-15 10:26:31

Nice idea smile I've made a few things for my DS, including:

- a shaker from empty formula bottles with different things inside (pasta, rice and buttons) so that they all sound different,
- empty juice bottles with water, oil and food colouring to make a lava lamp kind of effect,
- bottles with sequins, buttons etc inside and topped up with water,
- and (if I can handle the mess!) spaghetti cooked in food dye and put in a big Tupperware tub for squashing between his fingers.

I also give him my big box of scarves to play with, which he loves smile

I think that noisy plastic toys have their place, but I like him to have a mixture of homemade toys too smile

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