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Netvibes is being buggy and winding me up - can you recommend another blog reader to me?

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Badgerwife Sat 21-Feb-15 20:43:02

I moved to Netvibes after Google Reader packed it in. It's been a bit buggy from the start but did what I wanted. In the last couple of days though, it keeps failing to find any new items (not likely considering my consumption) or doubling up the posts, it's driving me up the wall.

Can you recommend other readers and give me Pros and Cons please?

annatha Mon 13-Apr-15 11:09:09

Have you tried Bloglovin? It works for every blog I follow and has an app so I can read on my phone. The only downside for me is that when reading on my laptop I can't scroll down posts using the up and down keys, I have to click inside the blog first then I can scroll (does that make sense!?) I got used to it very quickly but it's a bit of a pain when you've got a child balancing on your knee.

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