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when do newborns REALLY smile?

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bigfam Sat 21-Feb-15 14:28:01

From what I've read & heard apparently newborns don't smile til around 4-6 weeks.
I know that's not the case, my newborn has been smiling since 2.5 weeks, and it annoys me when it's suggested it's 'just wind' I definitely can tell the difference.
When did ur newborn smile?!

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Sat 21-Feb-15 14:40:33

Hi and welcome,

Try posting over on the Behaviour/Delopment board as you may get more replies over there. This board is for Bloggers to chat about their blogs.


bigfam Sat 21-Feb-15 15:29:49

Thanks sorry not with it today

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