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14 Days late, Negative test, Spotting after BM and Now slightly more bleeding. Help!?

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KeelyMae Tue 10-Feb-15 13:34:17

My last period was on time, lighter than normal but lasted the usual 3 days that it does for me.
Im always a 28 day cycle without fail.
I am now 14 days late.
10 days into this cycle i started spotting but only after i had a BM. This lasted for a week and a half. It was very light pink.
It happened again yesterday.
There was no need to use a pad or anything as it was only when i wiped. No other time.
I had a severe headache for 4 days after the spotting stopped.
Im also getting the occasional crap (twinge) in my lower tummy and below my ribs on the right, it doesn't last long but its quite painful. Although this has calmed down in the past couple of days.
Last night when i went to the toilet i realised i was bleeding, it was very watery, not thick like my period normally is. This morning it happened again. Im not bleeding any other time, only when i have a wee. It still very watery and quite red. I should be ovulating around now but due to being 14 days late im very confused.
Also I have PCOS but I show no symptoms, I'm 24, I have regular periods, I'm not overweight (9 and a half stone).
I was mainly worried for the bleeding from my lady bits when i had a BM, but as my periods late I'm more worried.
I went to the drs yesterday and he said he's treating my symptoms like a pregnancy. Even though I did a pregnancy test at the drs that showed negative.
I really need some advice or someone who has had a similar experience. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you!

mammuzzamia Tue 10-Feb-15 23:35:55

Might this be better in General Health.

I'd be back to the GP if it doesn't clear up. Could it be a light late period?

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