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Maternity leave

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FishWithABicycle Sun 08-Feb-15 20:04:53

Employers always have the right to refuse leave, and also to cancel previously agreed leave if they give enough notice (usually considered to be 2xlength-of-leave e.g. 4 weeks for a 2 week break. You have the right to minimum paid annual leave. You don't have the right to take it at a time of your own choosing. Really you should have consulted your employers before booking the September holiday. They have every right to say no, but maybe it will all be ok. If they say no you just have to lose the deposit unfortunately.

reomills1978 Sun 08-Feb-15 19:59:47

hi I am currently on maternity leave and in the process of writing my letter to my employer of when I plan to return. I currently are planning to go back in June, but I have booked a weekend break in September and I am wondering if they can honour it or have they a right to refuse. I asked my friend at work if they can refuse and she said no they have to honour this but I am unsure.
Marie xx

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