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Jennytuton Thu 05-Feb-15 15:19:03

Id appreciate your feedback on an idea that I have had. I love books but I've struggled to find the books that I like to read to my baby in the library and there's so many I love to read I can't really justify buying them all new. I started to look on sites such as eBay for them but by the time I've paid postage I might have well as bought them new from a shop. For this reason I'd like to create a website that buys used books in good condition only from parents and then sells them back to other parents. Id like to use a flat % to make things nice and simple for parents, such as the site would pay parents 10% of the RRP for each book and sell them at 30% of the RRP. The site would offer a free of charge postage and collection service to make it as easy as possible for parents to swop the books their children no longer read for different ones or simply cash in. My question is, would anyone use this service or buying or selling books? TIA.

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