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Help needed re lightweight pram for a disabled mum

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JenG1986 Wed 04-Feb-15 15:17:16

Hi all, I'm really new to this so not sure if I'm posting in the right place. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and as a bit of background about myself, I have hyper mobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Type 3) which is a genetic condition causing widespread joint pain, muscle spasm and joint wobbliness etc, along with a variety of associated health problems (fibromyalgia/PoTS etc). I am starting to think about buying a pram (wow, there's a lot to choose from!) but I really need one that's lightweight, easy to put up and down and steers well to save my joints from getting any more aggravated than usual! Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you smile

Nolim Wed 04-Feb-15 15:25:52

Just to crarify do you need to fold/unfold frequently? Or will it be unfolded most of the time?

JenG1986 Wed 04-Feb-15 15:27:14

hi smile it's just when getting it in and out of car etc.. it'll probably stay 'put up' in the porch most of the time for ease!

AndHarry Wed 04-Feb-15 15:30:07

Babyzen Yoyo Zero

tryingtocatchthewind Wed 04-Feb-15 15:31:22

That's a tough one, a have a bugaboo bee which is very light and steers like a dream. However it needs a good shove with a foot on the bottom to put it up and can throw you off balance. Also have a petite star which is light and easy to put up and down but awful to steer with a toddler in. Never tried a maclaren type, that could be worth a try. Go to a large mothercare and a have a try as soon as possible as it'll get harder to play and lift them the larger you get!

CMOTDibbler Wed 04-Feb-15 15:31:28

To choose a pram/pushchair, you have to start by thinking about how you travel - will you mostly walk, get the bus, or drive?

If you will do a lot of walking, then a larger, more solid pram that you can use for support, and normally these go straighter due to larger wheels which helps.

If the bus/tube, then you might find the lightest weight buggy you can get away with from birth, even combined with a sling (that would leave your hands free if you need crutches, and a good one spreads the weight around) works best for getting on and off

If car, think carefully about travel systems as getting car seats in and out can be hard. May be better to have a swivelling seat and a lightweight buggy/ sling

Nolim Wed 04-Feb-15 15:35:59

Sorry i cant help. My pram is great but not easy to get into the car.

JenG1986 Thu 05-Feb-15 15:36:41

Thank you everyone. I use my car a lot due to pain when walking for long periods so a travel system sounds like a good idea. I've been reluctant to go shopping too early and living in Cornwall we don't really have any large shops that I know of, but I think I'll plan a day trip to somewhere with a big mothercare etc and do some teat driving! Thanks again smile

codandchipstwice Thu 05-Feb-15 15:47:39

Hi - I don't have EDS but am hypermobile and had myriad problems with buggies. I found 3 wheelers hard as our roads are on a camber and you kind of have to twist to stop it from running into the road, would kill my knees as twisting really not good.

Of all the 80+ I've tried I would recommend looking at a bugaboo chameleon from ebay and then a maclaren techno. The bugaboo is easily steered one handed - brake is a switch on the handlebar which is adjustable to get the right height - basket is low giving the buggy a good centre of gravity so even if full is not heavy to push. It is a bit faffy to put up and down but does not require strength. I could push the bugaboo with baby and toddler on buggyboard without being in too much pain - something I couldn't really do with others.

Maclaren is good if you need something to get in and out of cars a lot - easy to fold, easy to push and light with great lie flat seat for bubs, will last until late toddlerhood and has great suspension so reduces shock on joints pushing.

Congratulations OP and good luck

codandchipstwice Thu 05-Feb-15 15:48:32

PS - just to add that I had 3 dcs within 3 years hence so many buggies as had various single/double combos (plus I really struggled with most of them due to pain)

JenG1986 Thu 05-Feb-15 16:25:42

Ah fab, thank you. I've been told bugaboos are good but they're so pricey aren't they! It's good to know they're actually worth the money though. Will go and have a play with some and hopefully convince hubby to consider a potential investment and keep an eye out for a bargain on ebay!

juliascurr Tue 10-Feb-15 17:06:31

they should help

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