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Starting my own business to work around my children

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Gemmab85 Mon 02-Feb-15 09:15:50


I need some help inspiration!!!,

having two children and finding a job that works around them is more often or not pretty difficult, so i'm looking at starting my own business (from home) i would appreciate as much help or information as to what would sell best whether it be clothing/accessories for children or clothing and accessories for men and women.
Business names are also something i'm struggling on so i would really appreciate ideas.

Thank you!

MrsTawdry Mon 02-Feb-15 09:49:50

Have you got capital? Re, a business name....that comes after you know what you're selling so don't worry about that yet.

Gemmab85 Mon 02-Feb-15 10:22:35

Yes i have capital MrsTawdry, provided by a family member.

PeterParkerSays Mon 02-Feb-15 10:31:12

Start doing some research as to what else is out there. You don't want to be selling the same products as other people. Also consider whether you want to sell locally, on Facebook etc, or buy a franchise of a brand or to set up your own online shop and website, as they'd need different sill sets and time.

Gemmab85 Mon 02-Feb-15 10:51:40

Thank you PeterParker, i agree research will be the starting point, i'm thinking of setting up a Facebook page to start with,
No overheads that way.

MrsTawdry Mon 02-Feb-15 11:32:04

Try to sell things you love yourself...if you are more interested in children's things then stick to those. Your own passion will carry you further than anything.

EmilyKatherine Fri 13-Feb-15 12:33:58

A Facebook page is a great place to start and if it's product your selling rather than services then a Pinterets & Instagram page are good too.

Have you thought about setting up a website?

Debbietheo70 Sat 14-Feb-15 14:46:42

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Milllli Wed 25-Feb-15 21:41:51

Why does it say that some of these threads are hidden when they don't actually appear to be?

Milllli Wed 25-Feb-15 22:22:29

What way did you decide to go Gemma

workingaloemummy Tue 31-Mar-15 19:44:51

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canee Thu 02-Apr-15 11:33:12

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Cheesydancer Fri 15-May-15 08:22:06

I agree with MrsTawdry in that it's much easier to sell things you love. But there has to be a market for it, so research is essential. Another way to work from home is to sell your service - for example it might be possible to invest some of your money in training to be a bookkeeper at your local college. It's fairly cheap to learn, few overheads, and there are many small businesses who need bookkeepers. My sister does it and works it around her children. I also work from home as a freelance writer which again is very flexible and perfect around a growing family. Xx

Nancyanne Mon 28-Sep-15 18:05:37

I chose to look after dogs in my own home, for people who don't like to use Kennels. It's been hugely successful. You will need a licence from your local Council. Some Councils will not give a licence to you if you have children under 5 (mine are older).

Teenmammy1 Tue 29-Sep-15 20:48:22

A lot of people with little girls love bow hair clips!! I know someone who does this from home and makes a couple hundred pound a week!! I think it's a good little ideasmile

Gemmab85 Thu 29-Oct-15 17:28:53

Yes Teenmammy1 I thought of maybe doing hair accessories jewellery, does your friend but bulk from a wholesaler?
If yes any recommendations of which wholesalers!
Thanks for the advice it's made my decision final! X

Gemmab85 Thu 29-Oct-15 17:32:53

I'm looking at names let me know your suggestions so far I've got,
Gems Accessories,
Princess Lounge,
Princess Treasures,
Treasure Chest,
Gems Little Divas,
Or are these all a little poop! X

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