James Bulger case of 1993 shape how we view children today

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geordiemum14 Thu 29-Jan-15 11:50:39

So, its going to be the 22nd anniversary of the James Bulger's death soon and I was just thinking about it and how it has changed how we view children today, as the media made us fear that our children could become like Venables and Thompson

does other people think it has?

Or were they just anomalies?

Or do we fear this could happen again and our child could be taken from us like James Bulger was taken from his mum by other children?

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MrsTawdry Thu 29-Jan-15 16:00:14

Child killers are not new though. Mary Bell made an enormous impact on the country when she killed two little boys during the 1960s.

stillwearingaredribbon Thu 29-Jan-15 16:03:52

I don't think anything has changed and I don't think people cared enough then, or now, about why children commit terrible crimes

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