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Supermarket Parent and Child Parking

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sjplewis Sat 17-Jan-15 14:18:30

After struggling back to my car in the Sainsburys Haywards Heath car park today in the rain with two children and the shopping - I challenged a lady who had parked in the 'parent and child parking' without any kids in tow.

She kindly told me to 'f off you c***' - so I took matters into my own hands and blocked her in with my car. When asked to leave by Sainsburys' manager Claire, I was told this woman was collecting a child... so I agreed to leave as soon as she either apologsed for wrongly taking a space or emerged with a child.

Neither of these things happened and Sainsburys' called the police on me, who threatened to arrest me for breach of the peace and take my two kids into police care while I was taken to Crawley custody. Naturally not wanting to put my children through that, I went on my way.

I'm genuinely interested to know whether others think I was in the wrong or if anyone has taken matters into their own hands when people without children selfishly take up parent and child spaces and what the response was?

I also question whether Sainsburys were right to demonise me as the trouble maker when this woman not only broke their parking rules (which they said they could do nothing about as it was outsourced) and lied ot them about collecting this muthical child.

What do others think?

WUME Sat 17-Jan-15 14:24:52

I think you need to take a deep breath and a step back.

It's a parking space.

Awful for your children to have witnessed all of that over something so trivial.

Years ago there were no such think as P&C parking and we all managed.

Next time the trivial stuff threatens to overwhelm you, try and think of someone in a much worse situation to try and gain some perspective.

magpieginglebells Sat 17-Jan-15 14:32:48

You really put your children through that? Over something so daft? The parent and child spaces are not enforceable so even if she was being an arse there is nothing you can do. It sounds like you caused a huge scene, sounds very embarrassing for you.

Is it really that much of a struggle to walk across a car park with your children? You know people don't melt in the rain right?

MinceSpy Sat 17-Jan-15 14:37:21

Oh dear you do realise the police will now submit a report to social services about this incident?

Supermarket designated parent and child parking spaces aren't legally enforceable.

The woman was rude but you had no right to block her in extra.

Nolim Sat 17-Jan-15 14:40:20

Agree to the previous post. As infuriating as it is letting it go would be better for everyone including your kids.

KatoPotato Sat 17-Jan-15 14:45:55

Good grief.

SauvignonBlanche Sat 17-Jan-15 14:48:03

Please tell me this a rather unfunny piss take? hmm

KatoPotato Sat 17-Jan-15 14:54:31

Okay I'm biting. What on earth of your business is it what this woman's situation was? Besides the point that they are a bloody courtesy and no more than a marketing tool, she could very well have been using the supermarket as a drop off/pick up point like my friend does with her ex husband?

You acted like a ninny. In front of your children. May you be stripped of your nectar points.

katie108 Sat 17-Jan-15 15:06:03

What a complete & utter waste of police time! Those officers will now how to file a report, all because you got your knickers in a twist over a parking spot

Nolim Sat 17-Jan-15 15:08:36

"May you be stripped of your nectar points."

MrsHathaway Fri 23-Jan-15 09:39:10

You aren't the parking police. You don't understand how P&C spaces work. You behaved far, far worse than anyone else you describe.

Is everything in your life going well? It sounds like a very extreme reaction to a very minor annoyance, so I wonder if you're under undue stress or unwell in some way.

Catsize Mon 26-Jan-15 21:49:55

Well done OP! I have put notes on cars before but not actually caused an obstruction! I also have a blue badge. Last time I challenged a couple of springy fit and able blokes who parked in a blue badge space to protect their car paintwork I was threatened and laughed at. And I was nice about it to them too. Ah well..

Iona1651 Wed 28-Jan-15 20:36:41

I can understand the OP's frustration on this. It's not a case of getting wet in the rain - I'd happily park in the parent and child spaces if they were at the far end of the car park from the supermarket - it's a case of the normal spaces are quite narrow and can make it difficult for getting a child/car seat out without the car door hitting the car parked next to you. The parent and child spaces are wider and therefore make it easier for the parent/s. I saw two blokes pull into a parent and child space and I motioned to say 'where's your child?'. One of the blokes just waved his wallet at me saying 'I'm going to the cash machine'. Oh - well that makes it ok then! It's not something I've come across before - until I had my daughter as I never parked in those spaces when I didn't have a child, just as I would never park in a disabled space. I just wish people would be more considerate.

curiousgeorgie Wed 28-Jan-15 20:45:19

For some reason this is a ridiculous subject on mumsnet so this isn't going to go well...

But I've left notes on cars before, and got a woman a fine in a shopping centre car park.

As others have said, it's not about walking in the rain, I'd happily park at the very back of the carpark, it's difficult to get the car seat out without the doors being wide open, especially in smaller cars...

Lifesalemon Wed 28-Jan-15 20:59:15

I agree its annoying, as Blue Badge holders we often struggle to park in a disabled bay as people use them just to pop to the cashpoint etc but i do think your behaviour was a bit OTT especially as you didn't even need the space. You had already parked and done your shopping and I can't believe that you had nothing better to do then to sit there waiting for an apology. Actually I can't even understand why you think she owed you an apology for doing something that was really none of your business as her actions didn't directly affect you in any way.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 28-Jan-15 21:01:45

Poor Claire. sad

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