Any blog designers out there? Or any recommendations for blog designers?

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sewingmummy Fri 16-Jan-15 21:09:43

I am looking to update my current blogspot blog and set up a custom domain. I currently have a blog & have been writing it since 2007. I originally set up the blog to promote my online business selling handmade bags/totes. Things have changed alot in my life and I want to focus on writing about parenting issues, my vintage finds & the handmade items I create.

I have virtually no money to spend on redesign and have seen fees ranging from £100 to over £800.

I've looked at inexpensive, premade off-the-peg templates, does anyone know any pitfalls of using this method of redesign?

I still can't quite get my head round setting up a custom domain on Blogger...anyone non-techy done this? Is it worth persevering with doing it myself rather than handing over money to someone more techy than me?

If anyone can recommend people who redesign blogs & don't charge a fortune, then I'd really appreciate it!

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gohaze Mon 26-Jan-15 06:30:25

Hi, I think there's a lot of us out there that do it ourselves. It's not difficult to personalise just a bit time consuming getting used to working with codes etc if you are using blogspot that is!
If you are going to give up your current domain name a word of warning Blogspot keep it open for a month and anybody can jump in and pinch it. It's best to keep it up even if it's not active, you could always link it to your new one.
Mine is a writing blog about book publishing so prob not of interest, if you want to see it and discuss aspects pm me.

lexyapp Mon 26-Jan-15 23:37:03

yes, agreed, you shouldn't have to pay someone for a blog. Godaddy does fully hosted wordpress (actually, as the BBC would say other services are available I just used Godaddy) and there are a bunch of free themes you can use (search google "free wordpress blog themes". Lots of those are responsive so work on mobiles and tablets also. I wouldn't use blogger though!

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