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Why no Dinosaur clothes for girls?

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Letclothesbeclothes Sun 04-Jan-15 18:13:02

When I couldn't find Dinosaur clothes (or space, bugs, anything Science) for my daughter, I made them - but she's reached an age where she's become susceptible to marketing myths, the "this is for girls" and "this is for boys."

Which is why I was so frustrated when I came across this new range from Marks and Spencers, all licensed from the Natural History Museum - sold online in the boys category only, in store in the boys section only, and photographed in boys - only! Girls are completely excluded!

I've been thinking for months about what the long term solution is, but I'm hoping that our new campaign will be the first of many to tackle this blatant exploitation and sexism on the high street.

Please sign and share our petition. Its a start! and retailers are listening.

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