Major placenta praevia

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Mummanomsi1 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:35:08

Hi all. I'm 21 weeks prenant and at my scan was told my placenta is covering my cervix completely. Does anyone know how likely it is to move. All it seems to say is that if it's partially covering it it normally move but it just says with whole coverage it's more of a concern. Help please !! smile

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Sweetly Thu 11-Dec-14 21:51:33

Hi! Not sure about any statistics but I do think there is nothing you can do to influence the placenta moving. It may well stay put. I have heard though that if the baby and placenta implants directly over the cervix the fertilised embryo was just about to come out of the uterus, so your little baby was a last minute hanger on. Good luck!

Mummanomsi1 Sun 14-Dec-14 19:08:55

Thanks Hun fingers crossed! Xx

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Mitchdafish Wed 17-Dec-14 18:48:45

The cervix end of the uterus stretches and grows last of all, often taking the placenta with it. This is mostly what happens. The placenta does not actually creep about, it stays attached- it's more like blowing up a balloon that you have made a marker pen circle on, it will move on relation to the os (the hole in the cervix).
It seems odd that you have not been given more explanation. You could ring your midwife or arrange to see her soon. Perhaps it is because it such a common thing, normally not a problem!
Were you offered another scan at a later date? It could be that the scan is not that accurate at this point.
As you move towards 40 weeks it would be a concern if the placenta were over the cervical os completely. I believe a rule of thumb is that 1cm away is generally considered fine. For now you can get some reassurance and facts from your midwife and wait and see how it goes!
Keep breathing.
Best of luck.

Mummanomsi1 Fri 19-Dec-14 20:39:14

I have just been told the usual precautions and if any bleeding to go to hosp. I have a scan at 32 weeks. From what I saw at the scan the cervix was covering is and overlapping by quite a bit. But as you say fingers crossed it will move. Saw the consultant on Tuesday and he basically said in some cases it may move but it also may not which I suppose they have to do to cover their back. Thanks for the advice

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