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Bringing up children

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Marso89 Tue 25-Nov-14 19:37:44

I have three children, all now in their early 20's, and some threatening to marry/have children of their own.

I would be interested to hear from other parents who think that our system of education is not fit for purpose, or, lacking. All of my kids have degrees, but there are long stories of how they got there without the help of teachers. Would you want your grandchildren to have to go through the present state system of education in the UK?

Some of my brushes with state education have involved having to take a a school to court, a bullying headteacher, and an institutionalised berating of parents by schools and teachers. In the private sector, the headteacher, an estate agent in his previous job, was convicted of financial fraud 10 years into the job.

I have little faith in the education system in the UK presently, but invite any comments on your past or present experiences.

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