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hawaiibaby Tue 25-Nov-14 11:41:33

Any tech-savy bloggers about please?

I am putting together a quote for some blog articles for a small business who have asked if I have experience structuring articles for search engine optimisation and H1, H2 and H3 meta tags etc?

I intend to be honest in that I don't have experience in this area - all I know from my blog and writing is to tag my posts correctly! But I would like to have some basic knowledge to see if that is something I can attempt to put into the article if that makes sense. Can anyone point me in the direction of sites with knowledge on this or any basic tutorials... or even provide a simple overview if such a thing is possible please?!

Thank you in advance!

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zanuda Tue 02-Dec-14 15:08:32

Usually only 1 H1 is allowed. Because of that usually it's autogenerated from the title of the post. But you have to be sure how it's done. Some SMS/(some themes within the same SMS) make blog name as H1. Then several H2 and a little bit more of H3. Within the article it's suppose to be " stacked". Something like:
H1"ifhieh jakjdhgj"/H1
- H2"hkhdksjg ksjdfgf"/H2
-- H3"skfhlk sdfkhjl"/H3
-- H3"skfhlk sdfkhjl"/H3
- H2"sjdfl hj"/H2
-- H3"skfhlk sdfkhjl"/H3
and so on. Something like subtitles and sub-subtitles in situation where you could not use lists.

you DON'T HAVE to have extra subtitles if your text doesn't require it. You may end up with only 1 title that suppose to be H1.

As for meta tags, it's so many of them, I wander what exactly they ant you do do? You could ask. Probably they're asking about snippet?!? Or excerpt for the article?

hawaiibaby Thu 11-Dec-14 14:16:30

Hi, thank you so much for your response. So sorry for the delay - I completely missed it.

Well, I had to quote pretty quickly so was just upfront that it wasn't at all my speciality. I've only had a few things published but this has never come up before; as far as I was concerned I just write - I'm not a web specialist!

I got the job anyway so perhaps he was just trying to avoid having to pay additionally for someone to do the SEO type stuff, which is fair enough but definitely not my remit!

I would like to learn more, but TBH even reading your reply - whilst very interesting - made me realise I just don't understand stuff like this, and doubt I will ever have enough time and brain power to, on top of my writing!

Thanks again, and well done you for knowing your stuff!

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1ChelseaMa Sat 20-Dec-14 10:58:04

it's hard work for me, not at all techie and it all seems too complex. I try to use keywords a lot, especially within the first line/paragraph. I get to the top of searches but not as many readers as I'd like. I've managed to add various techie things in headers and so on but the rest seems out-there and can't seem to get head 'round it. Paid someone to help but it didn't make much difference. Promotion is the way, methinks.

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