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whitrowkw Wed 19-Nov-14 00:04:23

Help - the issue is I have great central Heating, and hot water at the kitchen tap - but the shower room and bathroom the temp is "cooling"
It was fine up until last weekend. Its a Baxi 105. its under scottish powers boiler cover but they tell be because i have hot water at the kitchen tap ( which is the nearest to the boiler ) and its firing ok - its not their problem!!!!!!!
The engineer - was no help at all in recommending what he thought could be the issue other than to tell me my boiler is too old ( 10 years) and he could sort me out with a new one for �900. I cant mange �9 at this time of the year let alone �900 so it just doesnt make sense to me.
If the boiler is "man enough" as he put it ( what a jerk) to heat the house without any problem and scald your skin off at the kitchen sink - wheather the CH is on or not, how come I cant have a shower 10 ft away.

Apparently its because pipework is like "a snakes wedding" and i could have a problem with that. So why I asked (fool that I am ) would I spend �900 on a bolier to possibly have the same issue.

Having looked on here - I notice a thread back in August that indicated it could be something to do with "flow" so I have turned down the mains stop cock a turn - and it has helped - I can shower - just so my colleagues at work will be greatful - but it's sill not right.

anything else I could try - what's this heat exchanger thing. Would that have the impact of giving me hot water in one place and not another?

Thanks in advance

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