Rudolph Needs Your Support

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Betty4rd Tue 18-Nov-14 16:16:49

Is it just me or are live reindeer at shopping centres a depressing sight? These poor creatures are wheeled out as a Christmas 'feature' to spend the day in a small pen circled by people. At the weekend two were at my local outlet store on a bare brick floor all day. Their food and water was at the edge of the pen and they were lying down in the centre looking totally despondent. I feel the Santas helper thing has just gone too far. These are real animals and need to be treated with a bit more consideration and not as Christmas 'decorations'. Whats next live robins in cages?
But maybe this is just me?

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zanuda Wed 19-Nov-14 17:06:05

No, it's not just you. But I haven't seen scenes like that where I live.

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