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Possibility of being pregnant 4 weeks after marina coil fitted need advice ???

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Claireypops Thu 06-Nov-14 12:36:19

Hi I had the copper coil fitted April last year (2013) had no problems with it except heavy periods. Until August 2014 I started to bleed every 2 days at the most I would get 3 days free. Everytime I bled I have severe PMT . So I decided to go and get checked by my gp. She gave me tablets to stop the bleeding and told me to go to the family planning to get it check properly. Long story short I had it changed to the marena coil end of sept beginning of October . I was told the bleeding my take a while to calm down up to 6 months. The bleeding has continued every days since although somedays are lighter. I have a 4 year old daughter and I have also had a termination 2 years ago and my second pregnacy I knew ryt away at 3 weeks I was pregnant because of the symptoms. Mostly the cramps. I woke up on tue felt really sick and 10 min later I was wrapped round the toilet. Once I was sick I felt fine. My bleeding has now conpletly stopped but now I have the cramps sad I feel sick most of the day my chest is sore. I am so tierd sad I done preg test on Tuesday after noon was negative. But I am convinced I am pregnant just with the symptoms.

Has anyone fell pregant on the coil weeks after its be placed ? Any advice would be much appreciated thanks claire x

Claireypops Thu 06-Nov-14 15:36:01

Just done another test and its negative but still feel the same sad

zanuda Tue 11-Nov-14 18:28:36

Is it the one with hormones? It looks like your body disagree with the hormones from the coil. I know that with pills some brands make you really sick. The same should be with coils. Not sure if tests for hormonal level will help but hormones (your own level and those from the coil) - that's what you should discuss with the doctor.

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