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Ode to my breasts as we give up breastfeeding

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MummyOops Wed 05-Nov-14 09:19:46

Just a little lighthearted poem I wrote about giving up breastfeeding at 13 months. I am supposedly part of the mumsnet blog network but my blogposts have stopped appearing on the blogroll hmm anyway, thought people might get a kick out of this one...

Flingmoo Thu 06-Nov-14 23:23:41

"I’ve even fondled you in public to see which is more full" - I do this all the time without thinking but sometimes realise for a second that I'm not in fact invisible, and that it must look a bit odd to outsiders! Oh well, I've got a shit memory and no time for the bracelet malarkey - so would never keep track of which side to use any other way!

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