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Primodos - hormone pregnancy test drug

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SarahOnions Fri 31-Oct-14 11:14:41

BBC Woman's Hour this morning ran a discussion on the effects of this drug, Primodos. It made me want to try and find out which drug for pre-menstrual tension my mother took while she was pregnant with my sister Louise. Louise was born without a thyroid gland and with brain damage in 1962 near Hedgend in Hampshire. When my mother Doris (who died this summer from Parkinson's Disease,) returned to the GP for information about the drug she told there was no information (like the mother in the Woman's Hour broadcast this morning who's daughter is also called Louise and who had birth defects after Primodos was taken
Does anyone have any experience of researching private historical medical records in the UK? I would like to try and find out which drug my mother was given in 1961 1962 or even 1960.
Read my blog at for the story of my sister, Lulu. You can see here two pix of my sister with her father Ron Onions (ex-BBC and later editor of LBC) and one with my son Joe who is now 23.

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