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Moving to the country - please help

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dmjm Thu 30-Oct-14 13:37:54

My DH and I are stuck in a vicious cycle debating where we should live - (country versus city life) which means we can't feel settled where we are! We relocated to central Cardiff 3 years ago for work. Our DC go to an independent school (the best schools near us are welsh medium and we didn't want that for them as we don't know how long we will stay here having moved around a lot in the past). We're really close to town, can both cycle to work and there's lots of stuff going on (nice places to eat etc) but there's also the usual city problems of parking, lack of space etc. DH really wants to live in the country where the kids can go to a good local school and I won't have to work. We should have more money so could holiday abroad for a change. I love the idea of a bigger house and the kids (aged 7 & 4) having space to roam but am worried about feeling isolated and having to drive everywhere. Given that DH will still be working in Cardiff (and occasionally Bristol or London) can anyone recommend a good place to live? I would love to live somewhere with the countryside on our doorstep but ideally a village / small town with a bit of a buzz and things to do. We thought of the Wye Valley or Forest of Dean, but I'm worried about lack of a train station. I like the idea of somewhere like Stroud, but think the commute might be difficult. Can anyone offer any advice?

TheRealMaudOHara Thu 30-Oct-14 14:40:18

Bradford on Avon is 1h 20 from Cardiff and similar direct to Waterloo on the train. Only 35 mins or so into Bristol on the train. Good schools, nice community and good transport links for you to nip into Bath etc if needs be too. Or perhaps some of the commuter towns north of Bristol like Thornbury or Alveston so you could get a bus into Bristol when you needed to?

Erbalunga Thu 30-Oct-14 14:45:18

Are you sure you want to move somewhere more isolated AND give up work? How will you be able to afford to live on one salary - cost of housing/outgoings is normally higher if you live in the countryside, surely?

dmjm Thu 30-Oct-14 16:23:34

If we move to somewhere with a good school we won't be paying the school fees anymore, so we should be ok. I'd like to be around for the kids a bit more - at the minute they're in breakfast club and after school care and it's a long day for them. I'd like to be there for them at pick up. I may still do some freelance work (again, likely to be in Cardiff). I am worried about going mad if I'm at home (hence the need for a place with stuff going on). Thanks for your suggestion TheRealMaudOHara - I'll look into that. Just looking at Cinderford?

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