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Surname change......advice please?

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luby03 Sun 26-Oct-14 08:30:31

I'm wanting to change my childrens surnames but which company do I use? Has anyone done it? Who did you use?
I want to be able to change their passports, bank accounts, etc but the internet is full of so many I'm not sure which ones are legit.....
Thanks in advance grin

Chuffchuff Sun 26-Oct-14 09:58:08

Hi - assuming you are the only one with PR, or that all parties with PR are in agreement, you don't need to use any kind of 'company' or solicitor, you just start to use the new name and instruct the relevant parties to do so also.

More advice here

Chuffchuff Sun 26-Oct-14 10:07:12

Ps sorry just noticed you want to change passports so will need a 'document'. Just go straight to the uk deed poll office and deal with them direct rather than paying a third party - here

luby03 Sun 26-Oct-14 20:46:58

Thanks, their father is absent and has been for 6 years....he doesn't pay maintenance nor does he send them birthday or Christmas cards. He also lives abroad.
I have been advised now that I won't need his consent but I will need to prove all this to get a court to agree, apparently I can do it via deed poll then send it to the courts with a letter backing my reasons up and they will decide if to agree it or I looked on line but there are so many I didn't know which to pick sad

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