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Help! Daddy in hospital, my toddler so upset won't sleep, any advise?

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Tinymummy1 Tue 21-Oct-14 20:02:38

Daddy has gone into hospital, it's been 5 days now. My 3.9 year old son doesn't understand why daddy isn't around, and he won't go to sleep, it's been 3 nights now, he screams like I've never heard before. My daughter is 2 years old, so isn't really aware. Any advice how to get him to sleep?

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Tue 21-Oct-14 20:05:36

Cuddle him. Reassure him.

EllieWid74 Mon 27-Oct-14 12:44:09

I have faced this same problem with my daughter recently when my husband went away on business. The way I tackled it was to create fun tasks for her to do during the day like make Daddy a picture or lets bake daddy a cake for his return. Things that kept her mind occupied. Is your husband able to Facetime from his hospital? Perhaps talking to him right before bed might help?

Good luck!

Iamfrankieheck Mon 27-Oct-14 19:03:34

What a shame! Could you possibly give your Son an item of clothing belonging to your husband? If you cant find anything that smells of him then perhaps spray something with his aftershave or deoderant?

Hope your Husband is back home to the family soon flowers

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