Help! Daddy in hospital, my toddler so upset won't sleep, any advise?

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Tinymummy1 Tue 21-Oct-14 20:02:35

Daddy has gone into hospital, it's been 5 days now. My 3.9 year old son doesn't understand why daddy isn't around, and he won't go to sleep, it's been 3 nights now, he screams like I've never heard before. My daughter is 2 years old, so isn't really aware. Any advice how to get him to sleep?

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flipflopsandcottonsocks Tue 21-Oct-14 23:45:18

Oh you poor things sad

Is sleeping with him an option? Other than that i've not got any suggestions i'm afraid- hopefully someone else will.

You might get more help if you post this in chat?

I hope your DP is okay.

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