Help! Horrible tickly cough worse at night....

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JellyBean74 Mon 20-Oct-14 22:31:41

Well it's 10.20pm, day 10 of this bronchitis, and I now have a hideous dry tickly cough. During the day I'm coping albeit in zombie trance like mode through lack of any recent decent sleep, and nights I dread. OH drifts off to sleep, kiddies as well, and then it's just me trying to sleep but being constantly jolted back to adrenaline induced panic by a "throat tickle" that leaves me choking and coughing, eyes streaming and retching. I've been searching the web and think that I have what's called post nasal drip and with my red raw throat, this PND is just aggregating it constantly!

I would appreciate any tips, encouragement, communication ...... I could end up talking to myself as I doubt I will be getting any sleep again tonight.

Oh - forgot to mention that on day 2 I went to the docs who spoke to me for about a minute before prescribing me amoxicillin. Apart from that I've been drinking gallons of water, sucking lockets and drinking hot honey and lemon. Although the honey and lemon as well as normal tea leaves my throat tickling again......

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Dec05 Tue 04-Nov-14 12:23:11

Steroid inhaler - only thing that works for me.

zanuda Tue 11-Nov-14 18:50:26

Strange you've got antibiotic that easily... Did it work?

Anyway. Last time I had dry cough, it was ages ago. Really bad one. Usually I do nothing but it was long and annoying, so I've got some syrup for syrup from the pharmacy (with glycerol). I was very sceptical but so miserable I wanted to try anything. Well, it worked - to my surprise.

As for other stuff - you could try old folks recipes:
1. Hot milk with honey (as hot as you could stand)
2. Hot milk with butter
3. Hot milk with baking soda (all 3 - tortures of my childhood smile and giving a choice I was choosing #3 grin)
4. Breathing boiled potatoes vapours, you know, with a towel over your head
5. Breathing boiled eucalyptus leaves' vapours (or you could use essential oil, not sure how many drops)
6. Rubbing tiger balm or similar on your chest-throat area - to leave over night.

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