HELP PLEASE! Community Nurse Band 5 interview in two weeks!

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Sahra87 Mon 20-Oct-14 22:24:33

I could seriously use some help. I am a qualified nurse band 5, i've worked in a care home for the past 2years and have started applying for community nurse roles, as i feel i need a more challenging role and further develop my skills as a nurse.

So today i had my first interview for a community nurse role. In the beginning of the interview i was extremely nerves and didn't answer the questions properly sad but as the questions kept coming i relaxed more and answered perfectly. Long story short i didn't get the job sad but got a positive feed back from the manager. She told me where i went wrong as i already figured and she advised me to practice more interview questions, community nurse related and to also apply again.

I have another interview in two weeks and want this role more then ever. So any help would be sooo appreciated.

One question i was asked was: what challenges do i think i might face when coming to work?

What other community nurse related questions should i expect?

Many thanks xxxxx

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Idefix Fri 24-Oct-14 21:42:08

Need to think about clients, some will demand more input look at what local services offer support lunch clubs for socially isolated elderly people. Issue of conflict - are you working in urban or rural setting. Domestic abuse, non accidental injuries in under fives - what would you do - eg notify health visitor. How will you resolve conflict in the work place always seems to come up!? Hope some of this helps.
Good luck with the next interview! smile

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