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coats for the small mum..

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dizzygem24 Tue 14-Oct-14 15:53:17

So I have an thing about coats.. I am only 5ft 2 i have a young young face and small hands therefore when i walk my son to school i get either the disgusted teenage mum stereotype look by the old ladies or the is she a big sister looks, I currently have a huge way too long for me parka coat with fluffy hood when i pull hood up my face disappears.. you get the picture so i'm on a mission to find a stylish.. (for my small figure and height), warm inside no silk lol how does silk keep us warm in the winter.. with a hood coat.. any ideas?? Yes i have tried primark, and the petite sections in miss selfridge, top shop and H&M.. not really having any look tired of looking like a young young mum when i'm 24.. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! confused

Mrsjayy Thu 16-Oct-14 13:33:22

New look have you tried there im under 5ft and they seem smaller made I have one 7 bought a few years ago with a hood not huge hood and a belt but tbh I go for a good waterproof these days I am a lot older than you though.

Mrsjayy Thu 16-Oct-14 13:35:19

I used to look 15 when I was 24 was very frustrating when people thought I was so young

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