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DD wants to blog... a little advice please?

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BirdhouseInYourSoul Sun 05-Oct-14 18:38:26

DD is 13 and is thinking of starting a blog. She isn't entirely sure of the focus just now but it will probably be style/make up and usual teenage type things.

She is currently having a hard time with anxiety and confidence issues and I think having this as a hobby might really help her so I'm happy for her to give it a go as a kid of journal and outlet type thing. She isn't looking for huge followers or fame or anything.

However, I am worried about the safety aspect of it. She is very sensible but it is still a concern so I've said she cannot use her full name and mustn't make it obvious as to where she lives or goes to school.

Is there anything else I need to consider safety wise? I will be fully monitoring it and the email connected to it. She won't be connecting it to her facebook and doesn't have twitter.

Any other tips or hints for her?

MarriedDadOneSonOneDaughter Mon 06-Oct-14 13:30:00

I would be worried about the ability for people to "comment" on her blog posts. People do and say nasty stuff behind the anonymous shield of the internet. I would expect the potential for lots of judgmental comments, perhaps online and offline (i.e. amongst her social group) too.

I think there are ways of ensuring that the blog is "one-way" and people can't comment online but it will be visible to everyone, including school bullies.

Whilst my daughter is younger, we had a similar concern about confidence and found that putting her is a situation where there were peers focussed on something outgoing and together really helped. She does ballet, athletics and drama all away from school which gives her non-school peer group.

We keep her away from technology (facebook, blackberries etc) which may backfire on her in the long run (that's a whole other debate) but seems to be working well now.

Good luck. smile

Dudess Sat 18-Oct-14 16:03:00

I'd say go for it, too, you can learn a lot of technological skills from blogging, which is bound to boost her confidence. Just talk about strategies for dealing with any bad conments, and yep, think Blogger has a facility for people not to comment.

In other news, your daughter may enjoy reading an ebook novel series about a fifteen year old fashion designer, starting with The Allegra Biscotti Collection (By Olivia Bennett).

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