buying a house in Braeside, beckenham

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mony71 Thu 02-Oct-14 13:11:48

Hi Mums! or charlie's angels... i have just joined in mumset after seeing how well you are organised. I have put an offer down on a house in braeside in beckenham. I am concerned about the area as some parts don t really look nice. is it saffe? i have two little monkeys age 5/3...Help please!!!xxx

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mony71 Thu 02-Oct-14 16:04:39

ups.. I have forgotten to say that I am currently leaving near the Spa in Beckenham and I love it here, however, the house is getting too small for the little monkeys I would love to stay in the centre of Beckenham but it is far too expensive.
Any thoughts about breaside? ( beckenham Hill )

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missmash Thu 02-Oct-14 16:18:35

Hi Mony, I live near Braeside and the houses there are lovely, I would love to afford to live in one!!
The area is fine which parts do you not think are nice? Maybe there are not shops near by but you are not far from the High Street in Beckenham and the retail park at bell green.
The only thought would be on secondary schools, you would be nearest to Sedgehill but it's reputation is very good at the moment, is your oldest already in a beckenham primary school?

mony71 Thu 02-Oct-14 16:55:56

Hi Missmah :0 thank you so much for replying.. we are stretching ourselves ..believe me... and the house needs a lot of renovation..if not we would not be able to afford it ...but i am prepare to take the work ...
I am not concern about the lack of shops.. i usually shop after school... my main concern is that there are so many flats nearby..when i was driving there..and few looked little bit neglected... on the south road..( not sure about the name) i saw few loud people at the bus more than one occasion .... maybe it was just bad luck .. but i am not sure... what are your thoughts... and thanks again for your help smile

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missmash Thu 02-Oct-14 18:04:14

I think I know the house you mean-have seen it on rightmove, it will be worth the effort, it's a beautiful house!
I'm not sure about the flats on Southend Road, we are the other end so I don't walk up that way very often. Could you knock on a few neighbours doors and see what they think?

mony71 Thu 02-Oct-14 18:49:04

good idea smile i will .. hopefully they will not think that i am weird :0 thank you again for your help...

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missmash Thu 02-Oct-14 20:23:35

I don't think they'll think that! I've had people knocking on my door asking if we want to sell because it's so hard to buy here at the moment.
Fingers crossed for you.

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