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ispentitwithyou Wed 01-Oct-14 20:43:34


I am after some advice for my brother in law(hoping to get brownie points and retain my title as fave sis in law)

Quite often in rl I hear people asking for advice on various topics and think in my head,mumsnet would know the answer...smile so here goes...

My brother in law has spent the best part of two years dedicating his evenings after work to writing a fictional novel set in prehistoric times. The idea is good and the plot very original,however despite having interest and praise from publishers,this has not amounted to anything.

He was seriously considering self publishing (more as a personal thing I think,to want to see it in print) then a few people 'in the know' suggested he have the book edited and then to resend to publishers after that process. This doesn't seem a bad idea as the main area that needed critiquing (the publishers felt) were the way certain sentences were constructed.

My brother in law has a wife and three children and the average price for a book being edited is £1000... Obviously this is money they have to seriously think about spending.

So really what I'm asking is..

Has anyone here self published?

Has anyone had a novel edited?

How much did it cost?

Is it a money making Con and unnecessary?? Ie would it make a difference to whether or not a book was actually 'taken on' by a publisher?

Thank you for reading(sorry if very boring) just thought this many be the area of expertise on mumsnet for this subject

Thank you

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HappydaysArehere Wed 01-Oct-14 23:03:39

Don't know anything as I am a reader and not a writer. Thinking of authors such as Scott Fitzgerald who famously couldn't spell and others who appear to have an enormous support from their publishers I would worry about such an outlay. Your brother in law really needs an opinion from those in the publishing business. Do hope Mumsnet will be able to throw some help your way.

zanuda Wed 29-Oct-14 10:39:35

Even if his book needs editing this offer sounds like a scam. I would better spend efforts on self promotion. Made website, FB fun page, TW,create fan base, discuss with them some topics, or short stories made around the plot. Publish e.book with some kind of prequel or short version of book. Put e.book on amazon (i think it's there) with price like £1. If all these give positive response then - try to send to publishers again. They would appreciate seeing big fan crowd. Or t.hen you could selfpublish

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