My three year old refuses to go to preschool

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sheenab1 Wed 01-Oct-14 16:45:39

Hi all, not sure I am asking this in the right place but just wondered if you had any advise. My son is three in a couple of weeks. He started going to nursery one day a week at two and absolutely loved it, no problems at all then after about ten months he started to have huge melt downs and not wanting to go. This lasted for three weeks then we moved Counties. I have just started him at the local village preschool and he is totally freaking out about going. It took me 15 minutes this morning to calm him down long enough to get him into the car and then once at the other end they literally dragged him off me and it took him another fifteen minutes to calm down there but then seemed to enjoy the day. I have tried staying with him to settle him first but that didn't work either. I genuinely don't know what to do as he previously loved it and as we are new to the area I don't know any other mums and he is an only child do we don't have any other children to play with. Any experience on children changing around this age form loving going to behaving like this. It is just so extreme and thinking of taking him out if it continues. At the moment he is signed up for two mornings and this is the end of the second week. Many thanks

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StripyBanana Wed 01-Oct-14 16:50:10

In my area, and as a sahm so lucky to have the choice... I'd take my child out if not happy (after chatting to the workers in case theyve spotted anything) period of time at home then start at a different one with a proper induction (visit preschool with mum, key worker vissit house, short first session in our case.)

sheenab1 Wed 01-Oct-14 17:09:20

Hi thanks for the reply, I think you might be right. I am going to give it two more weeks then do that. I do think it might have all been a bit sudden with the move he has become quite clingy... could be too much too soon just confused that he started back in his old nursery where he had been previously so happy!

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