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BackToSchoolTOWIE Fri 26-Sep-14 20:22:27

I am part of the Mumsnet bloggers network and I write a blog about East Anglian local history (Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire) along with posts about the Tudors, Richard III and medieval illuminated manuscripts.

As I am part of the network, I think I can say the name of my blog - it's www.essexvoicespast.com (MNHQ - if I've got that wrong, please do remove my url).

Are there any other history or genealogy bloggers out there? I have a particular reason for asking - I've just been fortunate enough to have my first history book published - so I would be interested in connecting with any other history/genealogy bloggers who would be interested in helping me do a blog tour. I would like to cover subjects such as the town my book is about, local history in general, cross over between local history and genealogy, writing a history book & getting published etc.

Could you let me know if you could help me with my blog tour?

I am also off to the Mumsnet blogger's BlogFest in November. So would be pleased to hook up with any other bloggers who blog about history.

(I've also posted this in the "History Club" forum)

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Thisisjustatemporaryusername Fri 26-Sep-14 20:32:53

Hello, TOWIE, I'm planning to start a blog about researching my family history by the beginning of November - and I'll be at Blogfest. smile

I'm at a very early stage, and am going to have to fit it into tiny corners of time, but it will happen.

Shall I PM you with some details? I'd love to meet up with you at Blogfest, and compare notes - and follow your blog, of course! smile

Kbear Fri 26-Sep-14 20:36:50

I love genealogy and have spent this week finding my husband's great uncle's memorial in Flanders.... I felt quite emotional finding him! A month away from it being 100 years since his death (26 October 1914). I have emailed the Tower of London as they are reading out names of the fallen from WW1 every evening....

sorry, nothing to do with blogging but genealogy !

BackToSchoolTOWIE Fri 26-Sep-14 20:45:50

This - please do PM me - would love to meet up with fellow history/genealogy bloggers

Kbear - I've done similar to you and been to the graves of my great uncle and great-cousins. Yes it is incrediably emotional finding a relatives grave - especially when you realise that you're probably the first relative to visit him for many years (if ever).

I write a great deal of blog posts about the Great War and various postcards I have in my collection.

My publishers are publishing another of my books in 2016 about the Great War and the postcards sent back to England by soldiers, sailors, nurses. (I am still researching this one, and am only at the stage of collecting together the postcards and the stories behind them)

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BackToSchoolTOWIE Fri 03-Oct-14 22:34:21

Bump - are there any other history or genealogy bloggers out there?

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thisisjustatemporaryname Fri 10-Oct-14 18:57:32

TOWIE - just an update to say I love your blog, and I'm off to the How to Blog course this weekend, so I'll get back to you after that. I think I feel more ready to start one now. <<wibble>>

BackToSchoolTOWIE Fri 10-Oct-14 19:57:14

Thanks this! The course is great - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to swap email addresses with all the other participants. I'm still in contact with many who were on my course 2 years ago!

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thisisjustatemporaryname Fri 10-Oct-14 20:18:22

Thanks - I'm really looking forward to it. smile

TheMillersTale Tue 21-Oct-14 14:25:12

I do cover local history and culture in my blog and writing too and I am from Suffolk. I have a new website starting soon about food culture and migration which will feature the historical, contextual background to why certain populations move.

The Millers Tale.

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