Hi can anyone help me?

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MommaRoo78 Thu 25-Sep-14 16:42:34

I'm a first time mom of twins and have sailed through pregnancy until now.

I feel really offended going to antenatal with guys reading page 3 in the waiting room and feel like ive walked in to a strip club rather than an antenatal appointment. Ive started to feel really depressed.

I told the nurses how it makes me feel and they have segregated me from other mothers who are quite possibly going through the same and im feeling really miserable right now.

To take back some control and feel better about the situation I would like to take my care out of the hospital and just have a natural birth at home but I am being put under IMMENSE PRESSURE to keep on going to an environment that pisses me right off!

As far as im concerned i dont take drugs, im not an alchoholic and i don't smoke so have done everything I can to safeguard the pregnancy. All of my scans and healthchecks have been fine and the only blip is my blood pressure when I have to go in there because i've grown to HATE THE PLACE!

Does anyone have any feedback on home births with twins and any advice on what I can do???

I can't stop what people choose to read but I can choose not to have it rammed down my throat and I don't want to go back.

Any advice anyone?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 25-Sep-14 21:27:30

Momma this isn't perhaps the best section for this. You might get more replies if you ask MNHQ to move your thread to _Chat, Childbirth or Pregnancy. This section is more for bloggers to chat about their blogs.

When you say that you are being put under immense pressure, what is being said? What does your partner think?

Were the page 3 pictures on display for everyone to see? You do know that when you are in labour, you won't be with other people don't you smile

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