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her teacher is a bully

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Adevall Mon 22-Sep-14 13:48:32

My 9 year old daughter has always loved school, she does great when shes there and has always had fantastic reports. Since going back a few weeks ago she has complained every day about the way her new teacher is. She screams at my daughter nearly every day.(she has never ever been told off at school b4) and its for no real reason. For example.... My daughter was apparently not "sitting properly" so her teacher turned and shouted at the top of her voice "sit properly" so she sat up straight. Again her teacher shouted "sit properly" so she sat even more straight. she did this 4 times until my daughter was sitting like a robot with even her fingers straight. She was so upset by this that she she broke down as soon as she got home and said "mum I just sat there thinking how am I going to sit like this all day, it was hurting. I just wanted to cry" as you can understand I was mortified. But this is just one of the things she has done she tells her off because she Dosent like her school trousers!! Thats just weird. The last one was we had a lift to school and I left her homework bag in the front of the car we were in. She was so scared of telling her teacher she didnt have it she got in such a state she made herself sick. I went straight in to the school and explained it was 100% my fault, yet she still told my daughter off in the classroom. It seems my daughter isnt the only one as she is like this with many of the children apparently. I have heard some very sad story's, and a lot of the mums are starting to talk about her attitude towards their chiIdren. have spoken to the head teacher this morning and he said he would get back to me. That was nearly 5 hours ago!!! Its starting to make us all feel ill as its very stressfull and I dont know what to do. Any advice.

Optimist1 Mon 22-Sep-14 13:57:27

Sorry you and your daughter are going through difficult times. You need to give the head a few days to get back to you; he'll need to talk to the teacher in question to get her side of the story and there are procedures that need to be followed. If you haven't heard anything by Friday, chase him up!

Adevall Mon 22-Sep-14 14:40:50

Thank you! I'll give him time, but I just hope this can be resolved soon. Shes such a bright girl and I really dont want her education to suffer. She wants a lot from life and in order to achieve this she needs a good education to help her on her way.

Adevall Mon 22-Sep-14 18:46:38

Ok, the head said he has had a word with her teacher
and she denied it as I was expecting. He seemed to be defending her saying "she was quite upset by what had been said" my daughter was questioned by her teacher in class about weather she liked school & liked her class etc.. This made her quite upset as she felt intimidated. The head isnt going to do anything else. I hoping that now she knows that people arent happy about the way she treats their children and that she might think about the way she is with them and calm it down a little. We shall see :-/

Amy106 Mon 22-Sep-14 19:03:07

I am so sorry to hear what's going on with your dd. I would encourage to document everything that has happened and anything new that occurs. I sincerely hope nothing else happens but it may and you will want to be ready for the next time you meet with the teacher or the head. Good luck.

Optimist1 Mon 22-Sep-14 20:02:04

Hmm ... well I suppose as a first response on the head's part this is OK and it could well be that the teacher will moderate her approach. But as Amy says, keep a note of any further incidents and be ready to raise the issue with head again, or the governors.

I'd warn against "drumming up" support from the parents of other children in your daughter's class, but of course if they talk about it with you, you can reasonably say that you advise them to take it up with the head. (Not sure if that's very clearly put - what I mean is that you shouldn't put yourself in a position where you could be accused of instigating a witch hunt). And of course, try not to make the teacher's behaviour become the focus of your chats with your daughter about school.

Adevall Tue 23-Sep-14 07:04:42

Thanks guys. Im not really bothered about what she does to other peoples children, thats down to their parents to sort out. And wont be drumming up support but I do know that lots of parents have the same issues with her as me. Im sure before long they too will find it necessary to make a complaint if it continues, without me telling them too. My daughter feels a little more confident about going to school today as I have explained that her teacher maybe didn't realise that she was being like she was and should "calm down" now she knows.

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