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25, made redundant, desperately trying to not fall into a depression.

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1989hopeful Wed 17-Sep-14 13:38:48

Thank you, smile I'm feeling ok at the moment, as long as I keep getting interviews and keep myself busy and KEEP thinking positive, i shall be okay. I tend to have a negative attitude sometimes and wollow in self pity which brings me down, so so down. I will not do that this time!

Baffers100 Tue 16-Sep-14 12:03:26

Have you spoken to your doctors? They should be able to provide you with the contact details of a local counsellors who will be able to help you and make you fele more positive about your situation. I believe Talking Therapies are highly regarded, so if you're not already talking to anybody then give them a go. There's absolutely no need to feel ashamed about being made redundant either hun. You're just going through a bad patch, it will get better.

1989hopeful Mon 15-Sep-14 14:18:56

Thought id make a quick thread as i love to read stories and other women speaking out, helps me a lot. Anyway I've recently been made redundant with a weeks notice and i am left totally screwed. I signed on immidetly but i can not receive JS for various reasons. I will probably not be able to receive housing benefit etc, as i live with my partner, but he can not afford everything. Im completely skint. Seems unfair there are many benefit frauds etc, and i am in genuine need of help and looking all day every day for work. I try to keep myself busy everyday but its quite lonely and very isolating. my friends, family and partner all work. I feel ashamed to say I've been made redundant also. I try so hard to keep positive but sometimes its hard. Would be nice to know of anyone else in the same position or similar?

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