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Starting reception...

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MrsVAT2008 Fri 12-Sep-14 14:04:40

Hey all. Really sorry, I think I am just checking to see if there is anyone else out there feeling the same?! My little one started reception class this week and to be honest, it feels like I have gone back to school too :-( My little one didn't go to the school's nursery and it seems as though practically all of the other children did and so the mums are already best friends! To make matters worse, I'm a working parent, so won't be doing the drop offs or pick ups. I've now got this image that me and my little one are going to be sitting on the outside of all the activity, with no play dates or other mums...and it's a really horrible feeling.
Sorry, not really looking for a specific answer, just wondering if anyone else out there is feeling the same??? I'm already starting to wonder whether I should set up a group for those mums doing the after school pick ups...

Royalsteph Fri 12-Sep-14 14:22:09

Hi. I thought I'd just say don't worry. my ds goes to yr 2. I also don't pu or do due to working. however we get invited to all the parties and pass messages through ds if we are having play dates. I feel quite separate to the other parents but when I see them at parties etc we have a chit chat.

MrsVAT2006 Sun 14-Sep-14 07:15:23

Thank you for your post, it's lovely to hear that you are not the only one. I think time will tell with the play dates so I'm keeping everything crossed...I'm definitely feeling guilty generally because I know 4 days a week he's going to after school club for quite a while too. I'm just really hoping he gets on OK there too...does the guilt ever stop when you're a working parent??!

Royalsteph Sun 14-Sep-14 09:58:34

my ds goes to an after school club and loves it. you don't need to feel guilty because you are working and providing more for your dc. I work to provide more for my dc's and the time we spend together is precious.

zanuda Fri 26-Sep-14 19:25:47

I don't work because my possible job would not pay for all breakfast & after school clubs and somebody who would take them after (because after school clubs still finish at 5.30). And definitely not to bring them to extra activities. And they did go to the nursery (2h free one). And anyway, when the first went to nursery, just for 2h I was crying for a month. With second I was not that emotional but still sad...

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