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School Issues

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Jhunter5 Tue 02-Sep-14 18:05:27

My partner's child is 6 and just started back into Primary 2. The problem we are having, and we had it last year towards the end, is that he lines up in the morning when the bell goes and then when the teacher comes to let him in he runs out of the line and back to find mum or dad. Once he is in he is absolutely fine, and there is no crying or tantrums. He just keeps running out the line. I have spoken to him, his dad has talked to him and his mum has spoken to him but nothing is working? I have never witnessed this I just know he is doing it.
Any suggestions why this might be or what could be done to help?

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Tue 02-Sep-14 18:35:01

Possibly post this on the Education board or maybe the Behavioural board as I think you may get a few more answers. This board is for people to talk about their blogs.

zanuda Wed 03-Sep-14 00:49:51

Lining up at 6?!? Be reasonable! In the school my kids in they (I mean all the kids) start to line up ~ y3-4 and even then ~20% are running around tll the rest is in and then jump into the classroom. I'm really surprised in "your" class all the kids are in the line...

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Wed 03-Sep-14 13:51:18

I would say that that is reasonable, even the nursery children at our school line up and don't run around.

zanuda Wed 03-Sep-14 16:54:42

Then it's probably our school... confused

Jhunter5 Wed 03-Sep-14 22:31:46

All the others line up. It's not that that is the problem. The problem is the bell goes the teacher comes to bring them in and he runs out to find mum or dad and clings on to them. He's not crying. When his dad collects him from his mums he does a similar thing where he clings on to her and hides his face on her tummy, again he's not crying I think it's an attention thing. His parents are talking to him about staying in the line but every day he comes to ours he says he ran out the line because he was scared to go into school. He had a very bumpy P1 where he was on a behaviour chart for the year!

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