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husband is having an affair and got me to sign separation agreement

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Clarita12345 Mon 01-Sep-14 22:27:28

What a double cheater! If you post this on relationship/ separation section, you'll get more replies.
Good luck

WaffleWiffle Tue 26-Aug-14 03:38:17

I can't imagine it would be legally binding. Get some professional legal advice.

squara23 Tue 26-Aug-14 03:33:11

My husband and i have been having a non communicative relationship for 2 years but last week i found out he has been having an affair for those 2 years, before i found out he got me to sign a separation agreement saying he would then work on the relationship and that it was just finances he wanted to sort as i had spent some money on his credit card- i feel like such a mug

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