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mother-inlaw problems!!

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cherry289 Thu 14-Aug-14 23:07:13

Help! I feel like am going mad let me give you a brief overview of my stressful life.
My ds is 17wks,i had a traumatic birth which ended in a section.
The day after my ds was born the mother inlaw arrived(she doesnt live close thank god)
Now before i had went into labour she told me she would be the first to hold the baby and would wait at the hospital. Needless to say this didnt happen. So anyways i got out of hospital 48 hrs later to my living hell a whole 2wks! My 1st ever meeting with her she did not congratulate me,no hello just lifted my baby and said he didnt even look like me. She took the enjoyment away everyday i was blanked mde to feel unimportant and only good enough to have had her grandson(tho she told me i could have had a girl as she has picked the name)this went on and on,she even told my partner he was selfish to spend time with me and his son. Anyways shes coming to visit in 2wks and its causing huge problems with me and my partner. She is so rude to me and even said my baby was fat and asked if am looking afwer him right. I am dreading her stay! She said shes staying until shes bored as she will be looking after the baby. She has to make it all about her she cant stand my family having any input. Am feeling so down and my partner told me its my fault as i made no effort after my ds was born. Shes invited herself for xmas aswell but i dont think i can keep quiet anymore.i can only be blanked so often and hear god dont see you at all in baby. I dont no if its me being unfair but this is everyday she emails me things or phonep to say things! What can i do! Me and my partner are going to fall out big time due to the stress. HELP!

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Fri 15-Aug-14 13:19:27

I would post in the normal chat threads rather than in the bloggers section or better still in the Relationships topic on here as you will get some really good advice from them. I have a feeling it is not nust your MIL you have a problem with, your partner is a big issue as well.

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