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MS and IVF

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Scaredstupid1 Sun 24-Aug-14 22:47:31

My husband and I are considering our 4th round of IVF. I am scared but reading some of the blogs u have wrote encourages me that the results could change with having the scratch done b4 the embryo transfer. I can only cross my finger and wish for the best.:-\

emmajaynelove Thu 14-Aug-14 12:35:34

Thank you

SwearyFucker Wed 13-Aug-14 20:28:23

There may be other places to post where you'll get more traffic: this bit of Mumsnet is about blogging, so most people won't come here. Maybe try a different bit of Mumsnet? Or is a brilliant site for anyone going through IVF (I speak from experience), and I'm sure there are bits of the site for people with various physical health problems. Good luck, and I hope you get a positive result!

emmajaynelove Wed 13-Aug-14 16:08:53


I've scoured the internet and can't find any UK threads and wondered if there is anyone on here who can help?

I have MS, am 39 and starting IVF in October - anyone else here been through this, going through this at all?

Hope so...feeling pretty alone

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