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Anti social / very sensitive?

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Camala Thu 07-Aug-14 20:47:43

My 14 months old boy cries a lot. He is the happiest at home. Whenever we go anywhere, he cries easily. Other people's houses, library, shops. He doesn't like bounce & rhythm sessions. Shopping is not possible with him. He is very sensitive to noises. When somebody shouts (other baby), he cries. He cried and shook when hand dryer went on in the public toilet. It makes life a bit difficult.. Should I worry?

Fruitsaladmum Thu 07-Aug-14 21:06:58

I would not worry at 14 months.
My boy used to be very scared of hand dryers and now thinks they are the greatest thing in the universe.

Personally what I would do is start some 'controlled exposures' so he gets to learn that noises are not too bad.
Start by taking him out of his comfort zone a bit (for example put the vacuum cleaner on in another room. Play with him and make it a fun time ignoring the vacuum cleaner then turn it off. Do this a few times until he is comfortable with it then maybe open a door so it is a bit louder).

I am currently doing something similar to this with my almost 3 year old son (who is afraid of animals) we have been going to the local cat home and slowly getting comfortable around the cats.

Camala Fri 08-Aug-14 10:09:22

Thank for the reply. He is fine with hoover & hairdryer, but not with blender... strange. Also other babies shouts & different places scare him.. I'm planning to put him in the nursery for one day.. Not sure how it will go..

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