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Sleep difficulties

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LeapForPsychologyMK18 Mon 04-Aug-14 16:24:38

Most children will experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another. This is normal and usually temporary, due to stress or other outside factors. But if sleep problems are a regular occurrence and interfere with your child's daily life, he/she may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders cause more than just sleepiness. The lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your child's energy, emotional balance, and health; it also puts a great pressure on the family life increasing the risk of break-up. If your child is experiencing sleeping problems, learn about the symptoms of common sleep disorders, what you can do to help him/her, and when to see a doctor.

The workshop aims at giving you an introduction on
•Understanding sleep: the importance of sleep, the different stages, how much sleep
•Identifying sleeping issues: how to create a sleeping diary, what is affecting your child's sleep, medical reasons for sleep issues, diet/exercice and sleep
•And learning about strategies to support sleep.

Wed 15th October 201410.00-13.00
Wed 3rd November 201412.00-15.00
Cost: £45/person

Payment must be made by cheque or cash when booking the workshop; I am not able to process credit card as payment.

LOCATION: 22 High Street Buckingham MK18 1NU

Unfortunately, the office is on the first floor which implies stairs. Do not hesitate to contact me if the stairs are an issue so that we can find a solution for you.
Call 07876763904 or email Please leave a message that includes your preferred date of attendance and the total number of anticipated attendees. You will receive a return call to confirm the session– thanks, hope to see you soon!

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