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Recommendations for magazines suitable for a 10 year old girl?

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RaisingMightyGirls Mon 28-Jul-14 21:19:58

Hi there,
I'm a mother to three daughters (ages 3, 6 and 10).

I'm finding it difficult to find suitable magazines for my 10 year old. It seems that shops stock lots for toddlers up to approx. 8 years. Then after that, nothing suitable!!

I find that the content then jumps to age 13+

I don't believe that I'm a stuffy mum but I don't want her reading about 'fancying boys', 'looking good' or 'what to wear' until she really has to!

All recommendations welcome.

Lurleene Mon 28-Jul-14 21:26:14

Has she seen Jump! Magazine? It is an online magazine that is definitely suitable for girls her age.

MmeLindor Wed 03-Sep-14 21:58:27

Thanks for linking to Jump! Mag, Lurleene - we do sometimes have articles about fashion, but more looking for cool clothes, that are comfortable and practical. Definitely not about looking good for boys!

I was going to link to Aquila Magazine, but see that you've found it already. You might also like Stew Magazine and Phoenix Comics.

RaisingMightyGirls Wed 03-Sep-14 22:28:41

Oh thanks. I'll look this up. Found Aquila which she really enjoys so far!

RaisingMightyGirls Wed 03-Sep-14 22:30:02

Again thanks a lot. We will look up these options too! Appreciate the comments.

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