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Anti D shot

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Georgie21x Sat 26-Jul-14 19:54:19

Hi all i am rheasus negative and im 29 weeks pregnant yet i haven't had my anti D shot yet but was wondering if i can get the single dose at 32 weeks, and i haven't experienced any problems yet but i know it can be harmfull.

Lally112 Sun 27-Jul-14 00:31:53

You should be ok to get the 1700 iu dose then, you get it here at 30 weeks and you get and additional 100 iu to 500 iu dose if you have any bleeding or injury or every 6 weeks if you have persistent bleeding (like me with DS1)

Your baby will get their blood typed after they are born and if they are positive then you will need to get another anti d to counter any antibodies made during labour as this is the most common time when your blood will come into contact with babys blood but if they are negative like you then you wont need one.

this is a basics explanation of what you can find in here:

Georgie21x Sun 27-Jul-14 09:09:54

thanks for the information I'll have a shot at 30 weeks and I haven't bled or anything.

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